Piercing Service (jewelry is not included).
Earlobe   (20g - 12g)  $20 ea or $26 pair
Large Earlobe (10g - up)    $30 ea or $50 pair
Inner/outer ear cartilage, Facial, Oral, other Body Piercing    $26 to $50
Industrial, Orbital, Surface, Dermal Anchor    $36 to $50
Genital Piercing    $50 to $80
Insertion Service
If you just can't figure it out, don't force it! We will happily clean, sterilize and install your jewelry back to its original hole for a small set-up fee of $12. Jewelry removal fee is $6, and Jewelry adjustments fee $6
Has it been three months already ? Time to jump to the next size ? Stop forcing that thing in there!
We use sterile stretching tapers to stretch your piercing as gently as possible. We have a large selection of smooth edged glass plugs that are fantastic for stretching ranging in price from $15 up for a pair 10g to 00g. Stretching fee is $10 per pair.