We think getting a tattoo should be a fun and enjoyable experience that enhances your life. We also believe it is essential we take certain precautions to ensure our clients receive the best care. Our policies might seem a little "strict". Ultimately, these policies are in place to keep everyone safe and happy. The following is our list of policies and standards related to Tattooing.
  • Age Requirements
  • Identification Requirements
  • Appointments
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Sterilization and Infection Control
Age Requirements For Tattoos
To receive a tattoo at our studio you must be at least 18 years old. At this time, we do not offer tattooing services to minors, even when accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Sorry, but we can not make exceptions to this policy in California Penal Code section 653 prohibits the tattooing of minors.
Identification Requirements
In order to receive a tattoo at Blue Star Tattoos , you must present one of the following VALID (not expired) forms of identification:
  • State-issued driver's license or state-issued identification card*
  • Resident alien card
  • Military identification card
  • Passport
* If your driver's license or state-ID is expired, you MUST bring the renewal papers with you as well.
Our policies are as follows:
If you are interested in a consultation for a tattoo, you do not need an appointment; you may come by at your convenience. You are also welcome to try and come by for a tattoo as a "walk-in". It is recommended that you call ahead to check the availability of our schedule. All "walk-in" customers are taken on a first come first serve basis; calling ahead will not guarantee you a spot. If you do want to schedule an appointment, that is fine too. All appointments will be taken under the following conditions:
  • You need to come by the shop physically, no appointment by phone so we can see the exact design, size and placement. This is the only way to schedule a tattoo since some take 10 minutes and some take 10 hours.
  • When a design and price is established you will need to pay a deposit of ½ the cost of the tattoo in order to hold your place in the schedule. This money is non refundable  even if you don’t come in for your scheduled appointment time. If there is a need for you to change your appointment time, you must call within 24 hours prior to your appointment and your deposit can be applied to another day. This is a one-time courtesy.
  • Same day appointment, no refunds for cancellations can be given as we have already committed that time for you and didn’t take any other people in that time spot held for you. Be Courteous.
If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for your appointment you will lose your deposit. You may reschedule, but will have to pay another deposit to do so. Please be courteous of other client’s time and mine. Remember, a tattoo is not like a 15-minute haircut. I am committing a good part of my day to you and would appreciate your commitment as well. You will need a valid state photo ID every time services are provided.
Before the Appointment Checklist
  • Make sure you have eaten something within the previous 2-3 hours before your appointment to avoid getting dizzy or fainting. Also, drink plenty of fluids before hand. 
  • Allow plenty of time for the tattoo procedure. Don’t set a time limit. 
  • You will need a valid ID before any tattooing takes place. 
  • Where comfortable clothing that can be easily adjusted or removed if necessary. Also wear clothes that you don’t mind getting ink stains on. 
  • Do not consume any medications that will cause your blood to thin or consume alcohol before your appointment. 
Drugs and Alcohol
It is against State regulations and is unethical to do a tattoo or piercing on anyone that is obviously under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The tattoo artists, piercers, and members of the management team at Blue Star Tattoos Inc. reserve the right to refuse service to anyone they believe or suspect is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
You wouldn't want our tattoo artists or piercers to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while doing your tattoo or piercing, so we expect the same from you.
Please understand this is for your safety as well as the safety of our tattoo artists and piercers.
Sterilization And Infection Control
One of the most important aspects of receiving a tattoo or body piercing is the cleanliness of the procedure. When tattoos or body piercing are not performed in a clean safe environment, the potential exists for spreading infectious diseases. The tattoo artists at Blue Star Tattoos Inc. adhere to strict standards for sterilization of their equipment. These standards help ensure the tattoo you receive is both safe and attractive. Most of the supplies used for a tattoo are single-use and disposable, meaning they are brand-new when used on you and then disposed of immediately, never to be re-used on anyone else. This includes, most importantly, the needles for tattooing and needle bars used to perform the tattoo. No needles are ever re-used!
All needles and needle bars are sterilized before being used to ensure they are as clean as possible. Once the tattoo is completed, the needles and needle bar are disposed of in a Sharps container.
All inks used for tattooing are used in a single-use fashion. Before the tattoo begins, the tattoo artist will place small amounts of tattoo ink into disposable plastic caps. These ink caps and the remaining ink are disposed of immediately after the tattoo. This prevents contamination of the larger ink containers, thereby preventing the spread of infectious diseases.
There are a few pieces of equipment that may need to be reused. Any equipment that needs to be re-used is first disinfected using a high-level liquid disinfectant. The equipment is then processed in an ultrasonic-cleaner which removes any microscopic debris that may be on the equipment. Once this is complete, the equipment is placed in a sterilization pouch and processed in a steam autoclave sterilizer. Steam autoclaves are the same devices used by hospitals and dentists to sterilize their equipment.Autoclace M7
Autoclave sterilization is the ONLY way to ensure that all re-usable equipment is free of disease-causing organisms. Once a month, we conduct a spore test on our autoclaves to ensure it is functioning appropriately. A spore test is a biological monitoring test performed by an independent lab which verifies our autoclaves are destroying all microorganisms, including bacterial spores.
Disinfection of the tattoo and piercing rooms and work surfaces are additional steps we utilize to make your tattoo or body piercing as safe as possible. All surfaces in the tattoo or piercing rooms that could potentially become contaminated, are disinfected between each client, using a high-level disinfectant.
We reserve the right to refuse tattooing or piercing services to anyone at any time.