Up and running

 Well here the new site. love it or hate it. this is what has taken most of my after hours. so enjoy.

H2Ocean Spray doesn't work

It has been reported to H2Ocean that there spray stops working or doesn't work at all, they tell us its the tip, they went to a new tip, but it gets plug up with salt crystal so, they our going back to the old tip that didn't get plug up, they say it's still good, to get the tip to work use a pin to clear the tip, we try this on eight bottles we had and it worked. they will be sending us 30 new new/old tips, so if you cann't get it to work stop by, and pick up a new/old tip. they should be here in a week, we hope.


Mr Blue.

APP here we come

 Appwe will be there.

look at what's new

 I wanted to be the first to post in my new Website, it's been a lot of hard work getting it all put together, hope you like it . Under the hood there a lot of neat stuff, and things i could not do in the old site. want to thank the staff at Nu-Design they where great and easy to work with. I am not a big poster on blog's so I have add Tiana so she can blog and keep you up on wants happening at the shop. so until then I will blog you later. Darrin

First Blog Entry

For example.

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