Blue Star in Pain Magazine

Darrin And Ed our in the APP section of Pain Magazine.


Blue Star Tattoos Inc. is a pround member of the Todos Santos Business Association

Tiana get's a write up @

Our very own Tiana is featured in the The Scarwars blog this month.Check her out.   scarwars  

Kevin Creighton joins the team


Look who join the Blue Star Tattoos Team

Reign Custom Body Jewelry

Sidus Eyelet 1  1/2  from Reign, just one of many come in and see what's new.

APP Convention

No piercing this week

The Piercing Department
Will be close from May 2nd to May 7th
Our piercing staff will be attending the Association of Professional Piercers convention in Las Vegas, for training in the newest techniques. So please come back and ask us about it.
Please don’t ask question about piercing to the tattoo artist they only do tattoos and do not know the answer to piercing question
Thank you
Blue Star Tattoos Inc. Management


BVLA Jewelry

BVLA stop by, so we pick up a few new item, for you to enjoy.