Welcome to Blue Star


  • Autoclaves steam sterilization (same method used in Hospitals) and spore tested
  • Individually bagged and sterilized tattoo instruments
  • Point of service piercing process
  • Clean, well-lit studio
  • Experienced, well trained staff, with over 29 years experience
  • We have Tattoo designs to choose from or bring your own
  • Talented tattoo artists
  • Body piercers are APP Members
  • Top of the line jewelry (Anatometal, Neo Metal, BVLA, Industrial Strenght, Gorilia Glass, Intrinsic, Le Roi)




I have put time and energy into building this Website for you to enjoy. I hope to educate you on the diversity of body modifications offered within our studio. Check out our photo gallery. These pictures represent the work and passions of our tattoo artists and piercers.